Sunday, July 11, 2010

Black and White

My work in this series is about using black and white visual elements to express a world made up of shades of grey. In my work the grey areas are defined by countless fine lines, each going in its own direction, but ultimately twisting and intersecting to make up a larger form (different means to the same end).

I have a preoccupation with forces in opposition to each other, continually balancing out, and always needing one another in order to function. This dichotomy is present visually and thematically in these drawings, and is a vital component of my designs.

As with my Compositions series, these works are abstract in nature. They too invite the viewer to explore visually and imaginatively, forming their own unique interpretations.

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There are fragmented visions of color, line, and shape that flash briefly in my head. Sometimes the visions appear randomly. Sometimes they are the result of an emotional response to music, people, and other stimuli. My paintings try to capture these visions.

Since these visions are fragmented I rely subconsciously on certain compositional elements to let my brush “fill in the blanks”. With no definite beginning or end, and no blueprint, my work is subject to any number of interpretations.

As a result each viewer can come away with their own unique ideas and their own emotional response. In this regard I often equate abstract painting to instrumental music.

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