Thursday, March 25, 2010


so i've decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon.
i've never been one to talk about myself much at all, but over the past year i've experienced both a tremendous spike in creativity and an increase in my interaction with people online. i have twitter to thank for the most part, but as i continue to create more work i'm feeling the need to express my thoughts on it.... and art in general.

"did you draw that?"
this was the number one question i got asked back in high school and early college, many times while still physically drawing the picture in question (which always cracked me up). later, as my cg career took off, i began getting asked this question again. only now it was regarding 3d animations i had done digitally. cg artists will find humor in that (drawing each frame by hand). anyway, it's the first title i could come up with, but not quite set on it. any ideas on a title? i'm open to suggestions...

this won't be a daily blog, although i may have something to update on consecutive days. most of my posts will consist of thoughts about my work, about others' work, thoughts on art themes/ideas in general, and updates on upcoming shows. however i'll most likely include the occasional post on music, beer, film, and anything else i'm passionate about. i hope to connect with more creatives as a result.

nos vemos,